Author Topic: Where is the key mapper and key shortcut list for current version of mGalaxy?  (Read 166 times)


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Thank you very much, JMD. I will try that out.


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The key mapping is done inside mGalaxy itself (not mGalaxy_Runway).
The first time you open mGalaxy, it will automatically open the 'Controller Panel', letting you discover all the functionalities...and their keyboard/gamepad mapping.
This panel will then automatically open the next 2 times you open mGalaxy to be sure that you don't miss it.
Didn't you see it opening?
Anyway, the default key to open the 'Controller Panel' is 'C'. You then close it (and every other panel) with the default key 'ESC'
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I have read previous threads that mention that I should be able to find a key mapper in Runway. For the life of me though, I cannot find any such tab or button.
Other responses have mentioned that pressing Tab in mGalaxy will bring up a possible menu, but for me, Tab and BackSpace jump forwards or backwards in the game list. Left Shift key brings up a menu for game filtering, sound and resolution settings, etc.
I also have to Alt-F4 to quit, as I can't find how to close mGalaxy properly? Again, others have mentioned that the H-key should bring up a quit promp, but it does nothing for me.

If I may, after trying all of the alternative front ends, I have finally decided to settle on mGalaxy, as every other option was driving me insane in trying to set them up. mGalaxy has been the simplest and most successful so far, but I'm finding it difficult to find answers to what I feel are pretty standard questions. If there is some kind of document that answers all of my question, plus anything else I might need, that would be a great help.

Aside from that, thank you to the team for developing this great piece of software and thank you to anyone that might be able to help me with my issues.