Author Topic: New Saturn SSF 0.18 preview script  (Read 9185 times)


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Re: New Saturn SSF 0.18 preview script
« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2020, 08:50:36 AM »
This New Saturn SSF 0.18 preview script will defintely help developers to reduce their workload on testing the apps for bugs and other critical error. May I ask if you are playing roblox pc? This roblox download is classic game where you can play the user modded game for free, there are features in the game that will surely gives you a lot of challenges.


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Re: New Saturn SSF 0.18 preview script
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2020, 01:14:39 PM »
Ha nice improvement.
But I m searching official home page without sucess, the only one working is you have a better one ?

But it doesn't need script at all with this version no ?


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New Saturn SSF 0.18 preview script
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2020, 04:59:44 PM »
Since the new version of SSF 0.18 supports direct load of BIN/CUE files, the existing SSF script (which expects to access a hardcoded drive manipulated by Daemon Tools Lite) is unnecessary.  You simply need to pass the full path of the CUE file to SSF to launch the game.

It seems that SSF is also smart enough to realize it's being launched from a front end in this mode, so it seems to automatically switch BIOS and it exits when ESC is pressed without a confirmation. 

Code: [Select]
;----------========== Parsing (common to every scripts) ==========----------
; There has been a call from mGalaxy to AutoIt and a commandline has been passed to it:
; Structure:/AutoIt3ExecuteScript "Path_to_script(between quotes)" Path_to_emu Emu_parameters(including a "Path_to_rom"(between quotes))
; Example:/AutoIt3ExecuteScript "C:\...\MESS [Script].au3" C:\...\mess64.exe a800 -flop1 "C:\...\" -skip_gameinfo -nowindow
; 1. We don't need the part related to AutoiIt anymore [/AutoIt3ExecuteScript "Path to script (between quotes)"], the rest is assigned to '$commandline'
; 2. '$commandline' is then split in two: [Path_to_emu] goes to '$app', [parameters(including a "Path to rom" (between quotes))] goes to '$command'
; 3. Some apps (MESS for instance, when it searchs for a system Bios) need to know the path to their 'Working Directory'. We do 'extract' it from the full app path
; 1
Local $count = StringInStr($CmdLineRaw, '.au3"', 0 , 1, 1)
Local $commandline = StringTrimLeft( $CmdLineRaw, $count + 5 )
; 2
Local $count2 = StringInStr($commandline, '.exe', 0 , 1, 1)
local $app = StringLeft ($commandline, $count2 + 3 )
local $command = StringTrimLeft($commandline, $count2 + 4 )
if not $command then exit 0
; 3
Local $workingDir = StringRegExpReplace($app, "\\[^\\]*$", "")

Local $openingCMD
Local $closingCMD

RunWait('"' & $app & '" ' & $command)

Exit 0