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Title: mGalaxy needs more updates
Post by: Azgorath on November 21, 2019, 11:00:58 AM
Hi guys.

Is mgalaxy still active at all? I've had the yearly license for almost a year and since then only 2 updates have been released, one of which was only a minor bugfix update. At the time of this post, I feel like I wasted $18 for a yearly license, even though the current features in mgalaxy 7.5 are amazing. Anybody else feel the same way? Launchbox gets updated FAR MORE frequently than any other frontend which is why I've never regretted spending $50 on a lifetime license for it. If mGalaxy could just be updated A LOT more often, I would be more than happy to purchase a $45 lifetime license for it as well. What are your thoughts guys?
Title: Re: mGalaxy needs more updates
Post by: mgalaxy on November 21, 2019, 12:46:04 PM
Yes, mGalaxy is still under development. I'm currently working on a SNES specific theme.
mGalaxy is aimed to be the most straightforward and easy go frontend, that's the reason why always think twice before adding "gadgets" to it. So, I'm just curious to know: what feature(s) would you like to be implemented in a future release? What is missibg you the most?
Title: Re: mGalaxy needs more updates
Post by: Azgorath on November 21, 2019, 02:18:29 PM
Yeah you absolutely right about the "most straightforward and easy go frontend" part and thats the main reason why mGalaxy is so awesome. Its just that the lack of updates (between 1 and 3 updates a year) makes it feel like you, the developers, don't care that much about your own program or the people who buy a premium license for it (It's just how I personally feel about ANY piece of software, especially freemium software, that isn't updated for such a long period of time). However, with that said, I understand that you guys do have a personal life too that can take up a lot of your time which is possibly why updates are so few. In any case, I was mainly just wondering if mGalaxy was still being worked on as there's been no updates for over half a year on your twitter, facebook and youtube accounts or if it was discontinued but you confirmed its still active. Thank you. As for any new feature suggestions, only retroachievement features in the far future if possible but if not then no worries. The current features I love the most in mGalaxy are the ambient sounds, online radio and the bedroom, gba and arcade room themes.