Author Topic: Add Mesen to the default list of NES emulators  (Read 768 times)


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Add Mesen to the default list of NES emulators
« on: June 06, 2017, 09:17:38 PM »
It took me a while to find out where I had to add "/fullscreen"  manually (the UserSystems.xml file) to use Mesen with mGalaxy.

It is maybe the most actively developed specialized NES/Famicom emulator right now. Please add automatic support for it to your default script.


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Re: Add Mesen to the default list of NES emulators
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2017, 08:58:04 AM »
Don't worry, this emulator is already added to the next version of mGalaxy.
In the meantime, this is the line you should add to your 'BaseSystems.xml' file
Code: XML
  1. <Cmd hidden="false" name="Mesen" value="&quot;%path\%file%ext&quot; /fullscreen /DoNotSaveSettings /MasterVolume=%volume(0,100)" extensions=".7z,.nes,.zip"/>
...this way, you will benefit from the added 'volume' option!
The complete block should look like this:
Code: XML
  1. <System type="Console">
  2.         <Name ss="3" em="Nintendo_NES" tgdb="Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)" gb="21|NES">Nintendo NES</Name>
  3.         <Emu selected="Nestopia, JNES, VirtuaNES, FCEUX, NNNester [Script]">
  4.                 <Cmd hidden="false" name="Mesen" value="&quot;%path\%file%ext&quot; /fullscreen /DoNotSaveSettings /MasterVolume=%volume(0,100)" extensions=".7z,.nes,.zip"/>
  5.                 <Cmd hidden="false" name="Nestopia, JNES, VirtuaNES, FCEUX, NNNester [Script]" value="&quot;%path\%file%ext&quot;" extensions=".nes,.zip"/>
  6.                 <Cmd hidden="true" name="RetroArch [bnes_libretro.dll]" value="-f -L cores\bnes_libretro.dll &quot;%path\%file%ext&quot;" extensions=".nes,.zip"/>
  7.                 <Cmd hidden="true" name="RetroArch [emux_nes_libretro.dll]" value="-f -L cores\emux_nes_libretro.dll &quot;%path\%file%ext&quot;" extensions=".nes,.zip"/>
  8.                 <Cmd hidden="true" name="RetroArch [fceumm_libretro.dll]" value="-f -L cores\fceumm_libretro.dll &quot;%path\%file%ext&quot;" extensions=".nes,.zip"/>
  9.                 <Cmd hidden="true" name="RetroArch [nestopia_libretro.dll]" value="-f -L cores\nestopia_libretro.dll &quot;%path\%file%ext&quot;" extensions=".nes,.zip"/>
  10.                 <Cmd hidden="true" name="RetroArch [quicknes_libretro.dll]" value="-f -L cores\quicknes_libretro.dll &quot;%path\%file%ext&quot;" extensions=".nes,.zip"/>
  11.         </Emu>
  12. </System>