Main features

  1. Working with a lot of emulators, covering all arcade and console systems.
  2. Arcade panels / Keyboard / Gamepad compatible.**
  3. Horizontal and vertical display support.
  4. Portable.
  5. Databases manager (automatic dabase completion or manual completion by drag-and-drop).
  6. Screensaver/Attract Mode.
  7. Child lock to protect your config./settings.
  8. Game image preview.*
  9. Game movie preview.*
  10. Standard / Quick / Alphabetical browsing.
  11. Favorite / Top 10 played / Last 10 played saved lists (even if the rom name changes).
  12. Game filtering on Favorite and/or Game Genre and/or Numbers of players and/or Keywords (nested filters).
  13. Quick search games with an onscreen keyboard.
  14. Background music player. Random music pick.
  15. Random game pick (on the whole list or only your favorite games).
  16. Easy to use and to configure.
  17. Neat and nice interface.


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